Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Did you notice that Ms. Scarlet is Asian?"

After the lunch rush, the ratty got really quiet, and our large group shrank down to just me, Sarah, Anton, and Rome. I started watching an episode of House since Sarah and Anton are studying for their final, but then with Yarnell's arrival, Clue started up again. After Sarah beat me to an accusation, I overcompensated the next game and made an accusation before I was sure and lost. The highlight of the game was after I suggested that Ms. Scarlet might be the culprit, Anton passed me a card and then when I gave it back to him said, "Did you notice that Ms. Scarlet is Asian?" Thankfully Rome had already seen that Anton posessed the Ms. Scarlet card.

I am going to grab dinner in a few minutes given that I have entered the final hour of the challenge, and Adam, Caitlyn, Will, and Lazer are here right now.

Stay tuned, the next post will probably be my last.

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