Monday, December 18, 2006


Every time I try to make this post, Firefox finds a way to crash. :(
And every time I repost it, it loses more and more text.

So here's what happened in easy to read list format:

1) Static in the webcam makes everyone, myself included, sad. :(
2) I decided to use my digital camera's video mode to record the updates.
3) I had the quality too high, and it went over the 100MB limit for YouTube.
4) I upload it to Google Video, which lets you do larger stuff.
5) It took 4 hours for Google to accept it as legal after it entered its server.
6) I took a short nap.
7) It's done!

Then we also made another update while this one was waiting to upload.

And finally, enjoy these totally unrelated videos, brought to my attention by Ratty Challenge Visitor #29, Emily Cole. Thanks, Emily! She introduced us all to a toddler who sings "My Humps", a Panda who flips the shit, and a gif of said panda receiving a check at an expensive restaurant. Check it out...


Lewin's visit

So unfortunately I had an exam this morning so I couldn't complete the full Ratty challenge. I did make a 2 hour appearance, however, which included some Smash, some video, and some delicious Ratty balsamic vinegarette. Matt and Adam (Robbins) are chugging along, go visit them!!! Get a picture of yourself with them, get your name on the guest list, talk to Gail, and enjoy all the splendor that is the Ratty. And check this website. Robbins has suddenly found a love of picture taking (what if this lasts? He'll have hundreds of facebook albums!) and will post pictures and videos periodically so you can see how much more fun they are having than you.

Adam (Lewin)

More people! Hooray!

So time passes kinda quickly when you've got a technology outpost at the Ratty. Adam Lewin hasn't shown up yet, but I think he's got a test, so I guess that's alright. Jon, Max, and Toby are here now, too. The Ratty will be making the shift from breakfast to lunch momentarily, so we will be sure to give a report on the grilled Reubens that are slated to make a delicious appearance.

The video below shows you more, but unfortunately, the audio craps out for a bit near the end. Also during Jon's speech. He's 0 for 2. :(

Expect the next post to contain screenshots from the Super Smash Bros. Melee that is going to take place as soon as this one goes up. Awesome.

-Adam (Robbins)

Good Breakfast


We've had some lovely visits from Dang the Radess, Mark Mayes, Mike Freeman, Jon "Swa" Levin, Brett "I <3 Sleep" Cropp, Amanda Glassman, Brian "Lulu" Luu, and Daniel Morris. Solid. Things have quieted down from the initial breakfast rush, as many people have left for their 9AM finals.

Something happened with my camera, so there are some dead spots of sound in the video below. During Jon Levin's static, he is explaining how he and Jesse Stout did the Ratty Challenge last year. He can be our advisor should we need guidance. The second crapout is a reading of everything we've eaten thus far. The list isn't that impressive yet (just some nice breakfasts), but check back at the end of the day for a full summary. I'll try to make sure that the video is fixed for the next update.

Here is the 15 foot leap my player made to catch an interception. Hooray for Physics! There were more fumbles and interceptions in our game of Blitz than touchdowns scored. Go Team.

-Adam (Robbins)

It has begun!

It's on. At a few minutes to 7:00 AM, Matt Drooyan and I arrived at the Ratty for its early Finals hours. We were the first ones in, swiped our cards, and got a wonderful spot in the West Cave. After some technical setup, we were ready to go. NFL Blitz beckons, for now, and after Matt and I do some serious damage via Gamecube, we'll be back with more. In the meantime, here's pics and a lil' video for y'all.

We'll be here all day. Will you?

-Adam (Robbins)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Like the popular kid at prom, the Ratty Challenge has a date...

Greetings Readers,

Adam and Adam here. The Ratty Challenge is set: Monday, December 18th, 2006. A contingent of gentlemen most honorable will be camped out in a cave from 7:30 onward. You are welcome to join us. We will have board games. We will have movies. We will have a Gamecube with Smash playing all day. We will have some free energy drinks to hand out, as the Ratty Challenge will be semi-sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drinks.

Be there.

Adams Lewin and Robbins

Monday, December 4, 2006

A plan is hatched....

Greetings Readers,

This is Adam and Adam of Marcy 340 at Brown University with plans. Big plans. Plans so big, they'll rock your socks off. And if you're not wearing socks... your feet will explode! We have proposed to a group of friends a day of The Ratty Challenge. For those of you not in the know, "The Ratty Challenge" involves sitting in the Ratty (or for you more civilized folk, the "Sharpe Refectory") from opening till closing (7:30am - 8pm). For more information on its history, check out the cover story in the December '06 issue of Mythical Extreme Sports Monthly.

On a date that is yet to be decided, we will bring laptops, movies, boardgames (Rabble Rabble to some Scrabble Scrabble), schoolwork (only if studying is a necessity), and a Gamecube (one of us has a device that'll let us hook it up to a laptop.... 4-player Smash Bros in the Ratty? It's the stuff of legends) to a cave in the ratty and camp out for a little over 12 hours.

Sound like a bitchin' good time? You're welcome to join us, of course. The more the merrier. Come complete one of the unofficial graduation requirements of Brown! Come get 3 meals for the price of one! Come take creative advantage of the Ratty's mixer beverage selection!

So stay tuned! Once the date is decided, there will be a post up here, and then some time within the next 2 weeks, this blog will serve as an hourly update as to the progress of the Ratty Challenge.

Fraternally, Sincerely, and Alphabetically,

Adams Lewin and Robbins

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