Monday, December 18, 2006

Good Breakfast


We've had some lovely visits from Dang the Radess, Mark Mayes, Mike Freeman, Jon "Swa" Levin, Brett "I <3 Sleep" Cropp, Amanda Glassman, Brian "Lulu" Luu, and Daniel Morris. Solid. Things have quieted down from the initial breakfast rush, as many people have left for their 9AM finals.

Something happened with my camera, so there are some dead spots of sound in the video below. During Jon Levin's static, he is explaining how he and Jesse Stout did the Ratty Challenge last year. He can be our advisor should we need guidance. The second crapout is a reading of everything we've eaten thus far. The list isn't that impressive yet (just some nice breakfasts), but check back at the end of the day for a full summary. I'll try to make sure that the video is fixed for the next update.

Here is the 15 foot leap my player made to catch an interception. Hooray for Physics! There were more fumbles and interceptions in our game of Blitz than touchdowns scored. Go Team.

-Adam (Robbins)

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