Monday, December 4, 2006

A plan is hatched....

Greetings Readers,

This is Adam and Adam of Marcy 340 at Brown University with plans. Big plans. Plans so big, they'll rock your socks off. And if you're not wearing socks... your feet will explode! We have proposed to a group of friends a day of The Ratty Challenge. For those of you not in the know, "The Ratty Challenge" involves sitting in the Ratty (or for you more civilized folk, the "Sharpe Refectory") from opening till closing (7:30am - 8pm). For more information on its history, check out the cover story in the December '06 issue of Mythical Extreme Sports Monthly.

On a date that is yet to be decided, we will bring laptops, movies, boardgames (Rabble Rabble to some Scrabble Scrabble), schoolwork (only if studying is a necessity), and a Gamecube (one of us has a device that'll let us hook it up to a laptop.... 4-player Smash Bros in the Ratty? It's the stuff of legends) to a cave in the ratty and camp out for a little over 12 hours.

Sound like a bitchin' good time? You're welcome to join us, of course. The more the merrier. Come complete one of the unofficial graduation requirements of Brown! Come get 3 meals for the price of one! Come take creative advantage of the Ratty's mixer beverage selection!

So stay tuned! Once the date is decided, there will be a post up here, and then some time within the next 2 weeks, this blog will serve as an hourly update as to the progress of the Ratty Challenge.

Fraternally, Sincerely, and Alphabetically,

Adams Lewin and Robbins

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