Monday, December 18, 2006


Every time I try to make this post, Firefox finds a way to crash. :(
And every time I repost it, it loses more and more text.

So here's what happened in easy to read list format:

1) Static in the webcam makes everyone, myself included, sad. :(
2) I decided to use my digital camera's video mode to record the updates.
3) I had the quality too high, and it went over the 100MB limit for YouTube.
4) I upload it to Google Video, which lets you do larger stuff.
5) It took 4 hours for Google to accept it as legal after it entered its server.
6) I took a short nap.
7) It's done!

Then we also made another update while this one was waiting to upload.

And finally, enjoy these totally unrelated videos, brought to my attention by Ratty Challenge Visitor #29, Emily Cole. Thanks, Emily! She introduced us all to a toddler who sings "My Humps", a Panda who flips the shit, and a gif of said panda receiving a check at an expensive restaurant. Check it out...


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