Thursday, May 13, 2010

Extreme Toe Wrestling!!!

Rachel just pointed out to us that ESPN2 was doing a segment on Extreme Toe Wrestling.  Awesome.

We all just finished a rather dissapointing dinner, mainly consisting of falafel.  This afternoon, our snack/4th meal consisted of variations on french fries, including chile fries and "tachos" (french fries with nacho toppings).  There was wide agreement that this was the culinary highlight of the day.

In other news, Harrison just successfully carried a tray with 5 (count it!) people's plates to the the tray rack, in an amazing display of forearm strength.

Joel and Gabriella joined us again for dinner, and Sarah has also been here for a while.

This afternoon was pretty quiet - work and movies.  I re-watched "A League of their Own" for the first time in years, and Jason, Rachel, and Sarah are almost finished watching Mean Girls (for Jason this must be the 16th time this year).  Jeff has taken notes on about 40 pages for Neurobiology, Rachel completed her History of Greece paper, and Nermarie wrote four pages for her Neuroethics final paper.

At this point, stir-craziness is starting to settle in.  We will definitely all be happy when we finally get kicked out in just over an hour.

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